How to Determine a Website Objective

Anyone with half a technical mind and an afternoon off can build a website; but not everyone can determine its purpose or function and create a great site. Creating an objective for your site is vital. That way, you know where’s going and why you’re putting in all this effort to make your webpage succeed. Once you determine that objective you can figure out the path you should take to smash that goal and find success with your site.

How to Determine a Website Objective

1. Purchase Conversion

Do you want to make money from a product you created? Then your website objective should be to convert visitors into customers. For this, you want convincing copy, a killer product, an easy-to-navigate site, and a marketing campaign that’s bringing in those clicks and views.

You can’t just sit around and expect people to find your site on their own. Utilize keywords and SEO, along with social media management to shove your product in peoples’ faces, but not in an annoying or excessive fashion. You just want to get it in peoples’ minds so that next time they see it they’ll be more likely to click a link, get on your site, read about your product. Then bam – they’re a customer.

2. Appointment Booking

Perhaps your services involve a chat or are chat-based entirely. In this case, you want your site’s objective to be about bringing those bookings in and filling up your time slots so you maximize your productivity and profits.

A site with an objective to book appointments also cuts down on manual work. Letting people book slots via a calendar on your site will hopefully decrease the number of people cold emailing and sending messages on social media asking about time slots and similar things. Set up an automated email system to send people the link to your site so they can book their appointments there. Or, consider a newsletter reminding people of the booking ability.

3. Information Delivery

Are you an affiliate marketer? In that case, and other cases too, you want site visitors to learn from you. You have a helpful tutorial or a lengthy, well-researched review full of information that’s simply to die for. This is the type of site where SEO is your best friend, and building authority is a huge helper too.

Ensure you have lots of information in each article, along with backlinks that tie into the topic to keep people on your site for longer. The longer they’re on your site, the more likely they are to buy a product from you, click an affiliate link, or at the very least they’re seeing ads and giving you some nice cushy AdSense money for your trouble.

All of these objectives, and many more, are about growing your site and getting the masses to see it. Contact NK Digital Marketing and we can help you start marketing your site and let you reel in those purchases, appointment bookings, and views that you and your product deserve. Our services include everything from marketing to web development, so be sure to email or give us a call.

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