Frequently Asked Questions about Google My Business

83% of people search online before visiting a store. This is a big number, and it’s what makes Google My Business (GMB) an indispensable part of your online presence and marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to make the most of GMB for your business.

How Do I Add My Business to Google My Business?

To get started, you must first sign up for an account on the Google My Business website. During the sign-up process, you will initially create a Google Account that will be used to manage all your Google My Business content. After you have signed up for a Google Account on the Google My Business website, you can add your business to Google by clicking on the ‘Add a business’ button on the Google My Business website. You will then be prompted to upload a business profile, address, and photos.

Can I Use Google My Business If I Don’t Have a Physical Location?

Yes! Google My Business allows you to add your business information even if you do not have a physical location. It’s recommended that you have at least a physical address on your Google My Business website, though.

How Do I Remove Photos From Google My Business?

If you want to remove photos from your Google My Business website, you can do so by visiting your Google Account and selecting ‘Business Settings’ from the left-hand menu. You can then click on the picture you want to remove, open it in full screen, and click on the trash icon on the right side.

How Can I Set Up a Q&A for Google My Business?

To set up a Q&A for Google My Business so that your local customers can ask questions, select ‘Business Settings’ on the left-hand menu and then click ‘Add a Question & Answer.’ You can then create a unique Question and Answer or select your existing questions. You will then be able to set the answer choice you would like to be displayed.

Why Should I Create a Google My Business?

Setting up your Google My Business is an essential step in creating and enhancing your local online presence. Having your business information available for Google search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping makes your business available to your customers from a search or local business result. This will help your business grow and increase your customer base.

It also helps customers find your business in the first place and will help you show up in more organic search results, increasing your click-through rate. The tool also allows you to understand your customers better and helps you market your business to people who are most likely to patronize your business. This also helps to prevent losing customers and assists in generating a better and more positive image of your business.


To top it all off, Google My Business is free to use. GMB is essential for all business owners to help your business grow and develop. To learn more about how to find success online, contact NK Digital Marketing today!

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