Effective Marketing Strategies You Can Implement This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time for you to increase your sales with new marketing strategies! There are several ways you can bring more traffic to your e-commerce site or foot traffic to your physical store. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of techniques you can use to maximize your revenue this holiday season!

Go Live on Social Media

The holidays are a perfect time to go live on social media! Consider offering special discounts or coupons on your products or services. Using the different functions social media has to offer can benefit your business a lot during holiday seasons since people will be more open to making purchases.

Now that you can identify how important it is for your business to have a social media presence—how exactly do you get to where you want to be with engagement? With our team of social media gurus, you can leave the heavy lifting to us.

Use Direct Mail Marketing

Sort your customers by purchase volume over the last year and send those who have purchased the most a special holiday card. This is a great way to use the power of personalization to improve customer loyalty! You can even put a special thank-you coupon in the envelope! Depending on the size of your company, consider personally signing them or using a tool so that they look like you signed them yourself.

At NK Digital Marketing, we have the knowledge, tools, and templates you need to build beautiful, personalized campaigns perfect for your target audience, try them out for yourself today.

Employ Targeted Facebook Ads

If most of your customers come from one geographic area, using sponsored ads set to display in that area can be an excellent holiday marketing plan. This can allow you to capture those—like grandparents or other relatives—who are making a special holiday purchase and are generally not in your targeted audience.

Promote Specials on Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent tool for last-minute holiday marketing because you can run promotions directly from this space. Concentrate on promoting your best sellers, and make sure to use a call-to-action that creates a sense of urgency!

While building out a GMB listing is easy, maintaining it can be time-consuming. Let our team of specialists help you keep on top of your listing to ensure your clients can find you the first time, every time.

Rely on Holiday Influencers

Don’t pull away from your influencers during the holiday rush, but definitely get creative with how you use holiday characters. Think about the many ways that Jolly Old Saint Nick or Rudolph can be used to promote your products! Promote these posts heavily on your social media feeds and encourage people to share their favorites.

Create Unique Holiday Landing Pages

The holidays are a great time to create unique landing pages! Consider doing a countdown to Christmas with a series of landing pages so that people have to come back each day to see what the special is for that day. Also, consider offering your best deals close to the holidays so last-minute shoppers can make more purchase decisions.

It’s no secret that stunning websites help businesses stand out online—but creating, customizing, and updating one requires time and expertise. At NK Digital Marketing, we can help you get your landing pages holiday-ready.

Update Visuals in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

While you may not have time to redo all your visuals for your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, consider adding some holiday décor to them! Then, check your budget to see if you can expand your pay-per-click advertising so that more people see your display ads.


The holidays are stressful for many businesses, but NK Digital Marketing can take that stress away. We have the tools and resources you need to grow your business online, so get in touch today!

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