6 FREE Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Can Use RIGHT NOW

Your business needs a strong online presence to attract today’s savvy shoppers. With the many digital marketing tools available to draw attention your way, it can be difficult to know which works best to help you connect and engage with customers.

You need to know what people are saying about you, post influentially on social media, generate a following, and gather feedback. Accomplish all that while saving money and time by using these effective and efficient tools.

6 FREE Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Can Use RIGHT NOW

1. Reputation Management Express

It’s your customers who build your reputation through online reviews. Reputation Management Express allows you to monitor what people are saying about you online and improve your online visibility.

Read reviews from various sources when they’re compiled in one place, show up more often in searches to attract the right customers, and understand how you fare against the competition.

2. Customer Voice Express

With Customer Voice Express, you’ll discover how to use the voices of your best customers to build trust and engage newcomers.

Make sure your customers are getting their needs met and use their valuable positive feedback to build your base. Maximize your SEO so that new customers can find you and reach your reviewing customers effectively.

3. Listing Builder

Customers can’t connect with you if they can’t find you. Use Listing Builder to be sure your business information appears correctly in search and on social media.

You’ll generate more traffic and appear higher in search results when your information is reliable. Gain perspective of how your business is performing on Google Search and Google Maps to make sure you stand out.

4. Social Marketing Express

It isn’t easy to produce excellent content for every available social media platform, every single day. Social Marketing Express is a one-stop-shop that helps you generate social media leads, schedule content that’s ready to be posted, and communicate with your followers. 
This mobile-friendly tool makes it easy to connect from any device at any time.

5. Advertising Intelligence

Manage your advertising all under one umbrella to achieve a high return on your advertising investment. With Advertising Intelligence, you’ll be able to emulate others’ success, get a clear picture of what’s helping you generate money, and see the whole scope of your advertising’s effectiveness. 
Understand what’s working for your specific business to keep it going strong.

6. Website Express

Easily produce an engaging website hosted on a fast and secure platform with Website Express. You’ll harness the power of the world-class Google Cloud Platform and powerful WordPress Content Management System to create a robust, secure home base on the web, with no coding experience necessary. 
Reporting tools help you understand what’s working well to drive more business to your domain.

Check out our Local Business Online Toolkit, brought to you by the pros here at NK Digital Marketing, to access all these tools in one terrific package. We’ll help link you to a world of customers ready to connect with you.

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