5 Reasons to Launch a Website NOW!!!

Your company website plays a significant role in how customers choose to interact with your brand. In fact, research by HubSpot indicates that company websites influence 97% of customers. Further, the typical internet user spends over two hours on the internet each day. The internet impacts our lives in ways that we could never have imagined just ten or even five years ago.
With so much activity happening online and people spending so much of their time surfing various social media sites and websites, if your small business doesn’t have a website, the chances are that you are missing your potential customers. And even worse, your potential customers aren’t missing you, simply because they don’t know you exist.

5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

If you’re holding out on creating a website for your small business, there is no time like now to reconsider.
1. Today’s consumer expects your company to have a website.
Whether you are a small-town gift shop, a personal trainer, an auto-repair shop, a pet-sitter, or in any number of small businesses, customers today look to the web. The Yellow Pages, that historical book that so many of us looked forward to when it arrived, stopped printing in 2019. That’s right; even the Yellow Pages have gone digital. When a customer is doing product research, requires service, or is looking to go out to dinner somewhere they have never tried before, they go to the internet and search. Small businesses that have optimized websites are far more likely to gain a new customer than those who do not.
2. A website adds to the credibility of your small business.
Many young consumers view the presence of a small business on the internet as a sign of success. But this doesn’t mean that just having a website will do the trick. Consumers judge the look and feel of a website and the website’s ability to provide the information they are looking for. Thankfully, there are various services out there, some even free, that can make it easy for a company to create a website that looks great and easy to navigate.
3. Your website allows customers to learn.
Today’s consumers are smarter than ever because information is readily available at their fingertips. Gone are the days when salespeople needed to send hours educating consumers about products and services. Most customers know most of what they need to know long before they go to your website or visit your brick-and-mortar establishment to make a purchase. When your website offers customers the chance to complete a transaction and provides the information they seek, those customers are far more likely to convert. Of course, if you don’t have a website, to begin with, not only can’t they learn from you, but they might not even know you exist in the first place.
4. Your website can be an easy way for customers to communicate with you.
Regardless of how sophisticated your website is, one must-have is a way for customers to opt-in to interacting with you going forward. Adding a contact form to your website instead of providing your company website address provides customers with an easy way to reach you. It helps prevent your company from becoming a spam target. Your contact form can serve multiple purposes too. It can help you collect customer information to send your customers promotional or educational content in the future. Your contact form can also provide an easy way for customers to reach you with questions or problems that they might be having.
5. A small business website is far more economical than any other marketing program.
A company website, especially when combined with a Facebook strategy, provides a very cost-effective method for reaching your customers and making it easier for your customers to find you. Direct mail pieces can cost you anywhere from $0.30 to $10 or more per person. Mid-sized businesses spend hundreds of dollars per month on their email marketing programs. Newspaper ads can easily cost $500 for a four-inch by ten-inch ad, and sadly, many consumers don’t read the newspaper as they used to. However, a website can cost as low as $35 per month for hosting once designed and live. Signing up for a basic Facebook page for your business is free.

Your Website Can Integrate with Other Marketing Functions As Well

As your business begins to grow, your website can integrate with your other marketing programs. For example, infrastructure can be set up so that customers who opt-in to receive your emails can receive automated emails based on their behaviors. Content published on your website can be shared across social media. Your website can be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) so that customers are more likely to find you when searching for relevant content.
Small business marketing should start with website marketing. With just a little time and effort, your website can be up and running for all of the world to see. Over time, your website can be improved to meet the growing needs of your customers. One of the added benefits of a website is that it is the best place to communicate critical information to your customers without breaking your marketing budget. Whether it be an important message that your customers need to read, a change in business hours, or a special product promotion or event, your website’s home page is easy to modify, making it the best place to showcase what your customers need to know.
If you don’t have a website for your small business, now is the time to change and embrace website marketing. Before long, your conversions will increase, and your business will start to grow.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us at NK Digital for some guidance or help in getting set up with a site. We can do simple for smaller budgets, or complex for larger companies.

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